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About Us

Welcome to Sassy Sisters Boutique! 

Sister Sledge said it best ..."We are Fam-ily, I got all my sisters with me" - well we're not all technically sisters, but we are Sassy!


Meet the Sassy Sisters family.... There is Karen (Mama Karen) the sister with the most 'experience' then the little sister, Beth (Auntie) and I'm Jenny (perhaps the reason for the name - SASSY - ehhh I'm in good company here).  Although you can't  pick your family, we sure all got lucky when my brother (Chris) picked Christine! 

In an effort to support our own boutique clothing budgets, we ventured into this online boutique business and so far, its been great fun - our closets are full of our own trendy looks and we hope you'll enjoy adding to your closets as much as we have!

Jenny is always taking selfies - (left to right Jenny, Christine, Beth, Karen)

Karen is the OG Sassy Sister, and Beth came along about 16 years after Karen.  We know their middle sister Nancy would have been rallying this bunch of Sassy Sisters if she were still here with us - we're confident she looks down from above and is rooting us on!  

Karen and Jim (aka Pop) were married when Beth was three; and have since had two children, Chris and Jenny.  Karen and Jim moved from Indiana to Georgia in 1985. They have four grandchildren.

Beth married Darrin when Jenny was in single digits and they have three girls (Jessica, Stephanie and Kristin - who are also enjoying their new Sassy Sisters Merch!)  Beth and Darrin have six grandchildren! They reside in Indiana.

Chris and Christine (aka Chris) have been together since 2020, and are now engaged (12/23) Christine is originally from Chicago. Chris has two girls (Ansley and Madison) and Christine has three boys (Anthony, Logan and Jack). Christine  has two grandchildren and one on the way - arriving in 2024!

Jenny and Rodney were married 31 years ago and have two boys, Skyler and Avery.  

A recent trip to Seaside, FL - the whole family!

We look forward to getting to know our customers in the near future.  Be sure to drop us an email if we can do anything to help or answer any questions!


Thanks for supporting our love for boutique trends as well as your own!

Happy Shopping!

Sassy Sisters Boutique

Karen, Beth, Christine and Jenny

A recent trip back to Indy - (left to right Beth Chris, Jenny, Christine, Karen, Jim)